Lavery is a leading full-service law firm with 175 lawyers based in Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa. We have been a respected member of the Quebec legal community for one hundred years and are proud to be the province’s largest independent corporate law firm.


In addition to serving distinguished domestic and foreign clients, we provide advisory and representation services to a large number of firms across Canada, the United States and overseas. We strive to offer sound, timely and cost effective legal advice that allows clients, be they ours or yours, to make the most informed decisions.

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The fact that we are an independent firm based in Quebec minimizes the potential for conflicts of interest and expands the number of matters we can take on.

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Our value to you in the Quebec market

Like Louisiana, Quebec is a civil law jurisdiction with its own civil code. The Civil Code of Quebec has a bearing on all transactions with a Quebec connection. Our lawyers will point out how the Code affects your deal so that you know what your options are.

To help you draw parallels to more familiar concepts, several members of our team hold Common Law degrees and some have been called to the bars of other provinces.

Beyond the Civil Code

Every state and province has its own particularities, and Quebec is no different. French is the sole official language and there is a regulatory system in place to secure the place of French as the language of business.

At Lavery, we make sure that your contracts and business ventures meet all applicable requirements, be they federal or made in Quebec.

We have you covered.

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