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Here are answers to the questions most frequently asked by students:


What are your main areas of practice?

At Lavery, we have three core practice groups: business law, administrative and labour law, and litigation. Each covers more than 25 practice areas, including mergers and acquisitions, class actions, banking law, government affairs, mining law, real estate law, securities law, tax law, insurance law, construction law, privacy law, transport law as well as criminal and penal law.

How many lawyers work at Lavery?

There are 175 lawyers in our Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa offices.

How many lawyers are there in each practice group?

41% of our lawyers have a practice in business law, 34% in litigation and 23% in administrative and labour law.

How many hours is a young lawyer expected to bill per year?

This may vary according to the lawyer's area and number of years of practice, but we aim for an average of 1,600 billable hours and 200 non-billable hours per year.

Do you have offices outside Quebec?

Yes, Lavery has an office in Ottawa. Although we are not a national or international firm, we have formed alliances with firms outside Quebec and Canada with whom we closely work on a daily basis. We avoided merging in order to ensure that we remain independent and maintain control over our decision making process. In addition, since 2004, Lavery has been a member of the World Services Group (WSG), which is present in over 115 countries and represents some 200,000 clients. This is a non-exclusive agreement that enables us to work jointly with other firms according to our clients’ needs.


What do you look for in the articling students you hire?

We look for students who are enthusiastic, innovative, have an aptitude for business development and customer service and are prepared to invest themselves in the firm. It goes without saying that we also require an exemplary academic record and bilingualism. In addition, our articling students must be compatible with the firm’s culture and values.

How many articling students do you hire?

We normally recruit 6 to 8 articling students per year.

How many articling students did you hire last year?

We hired six students last year.

What documents should I include in my application?

You are required to submit your resume, a cover letter, and a university transcript.

What is the next year of articling I can apply for at Lavery?

The recruiting period for the 2015 articling positions is over. Nevertheless, we encourage you to visit our website frequently to ascertain whether positions have become available.

Please note that the 2016 articles will begin on February 3, 2014, on which date you may submit your application (cover letter, resume, university transcript and any other relevant document) on the VIRecruit portal.

What is the application deadline for 2016?

Applications for the 2016 articling positions must be submitted no later than February 12, 2014 at 1 p.m. As provided under the Recruiting Agreement among the other major firms, please note that interviews will be held in March 2014.

Are all your articling students hired back as lawyers? If not, what is your typical hiring rate?

Although we would like to offer employment to 100% of our articling students, the rate is generally about 75%. This percentage may also vary on account of certain articling students wishing to pursue further studies or to change career paths. Economic conditions may also be a factor.

How does the articling program work at Lavery?

You are guided and supervised by one articling supervisor and one coach/lawyer at every stage of your article. There are three rotations in our three broad practice groups: business law, administrative and labour law, and litigation.

Can I article in a specific area of practice?

We do not encourage this type of articling program. We believe that articling students benefit from working in a variety of matters and showing their skills to many lawyers of the firm. An articling student might make more than one rotation in a practice group.


What happens during the interview?

We understand that preparing for an interview can be challenging and that the interview period is stressful particularly considering that you are pursuing your studies at the same time. Therefore, we hold only one interview during which we take the time to get well acquainted with each candidate.

During the interview process, you will be asked to answer in writing two very short questions to assess your skills in French and English. After, two lawyers will meet with you for the interview. Finally, our students and articling students will offer you a visit of our office. The whole process takes about 90 minutes.

What type of questions do you ask at the interview?

We ask open questions that allow us to get to know you better and that give you the opportunity to tell us about your professional abilities, personal qualities and motivation.

Must I be bilingual?

Yes. We require all applicants to be bilingual.


Apart from articling, do you offer other work for students?

We offer a summer job to the students selected for articling at the firm.

What type of work will I be doing?

Among other things, you draft agreements and ancillary documents, assist in organizing and closing business transactions and conducting due diligence in the context of transactions, perform legal research and analysis, draft pleadings, etc.

What type of supervision should I expect?

You report to the Director of Professional Development. In addition, mentors from each practice group are appointed and available to answer your questions.

Do I have to work as a summer student before articling?

No but a summer job with the firm allows the student to get acquainted with the firm’s procedures and research tools.

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