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All human activities operate in some kind of setting, and those requiring no infrastructure or changes to the environment are rare indeed. For many years, the harmonization of different uses and their sound integration into natural environments have been the object of concern, and even sometimes litigation.

Gradually, a large diversity of regulatory codes evolved to address the problems we face when implementing and carrying on different uses in the environment. Each of these codes is designed to achieve its own specific and sometimes contradictory ends, but which must still be respected. Thus, such expressions as urbanized environment, provincial agricultural zone, wetlands, steep slope zones, flood plains, riparian strips, vegetation cover, buffer zone and separation distance are only some of the terms of art one must henceforth be aware of and understand the implications of, since ignorance of the law is no excuse!

This is the vast field of land use planning and development, a modern notion referring to many realities, each with its own rules, but which frequently intersect. This new area of legal expertise draws on many types of knowledge involving an abundance of different regulations, actors, decision-making bodies, levels of government and judicial authorities. Not to mention that if there is one area in which citizens have their say, this is it!

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Analysis of planning bylaws, applications for legislative or regulatory amendments, support for permit applications, preparation for authorization applications, drafting of interpretation documents, representation at public meetings, drafting of submissions, representation before the courts and administrative tribunals, legal opinions and strategizing, developing partnerships, drafting of agreements, assistance to corporate counsel: we can provide you with all the necessary services to get your business up and running.

Our knowledge of municipal and government circles and our relations with the umbrella organizations they belong to enable us to quickly determine the issues raised and find potential solutions. We have the necessary skills to represent you in litigations, but can also act as arbitrators or mediators. One thing we are absolutely sure of, however, is that no one wants to get embroiled in litigation!

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