Education Law


Administrators of school boards, CEGEPs, universities, and private institutions face increasingly complex problems. Our team of specialized lawyers is prepared to offer effective support in both their day-to-day activities and crisis situations.

Whether this involves the negotiation of collective agreements or local arrangements, representation before government bodies, or the application, interpretation, and drafting of regulations, procedures, and politics, our experienced team knows what to do.


  • Application and interpretation of collective agreements and regulations determining employment conditions in the education sector
  • Negotiation of collective agreements and local arrangements
  • Resolution of litigation concerning union certification, application of the Labour Code and all employment law legislation
  • Application, interpretation, and drafting of regulations, procedures, and policies on the rights and obligations of institutions, particularly the delegation of powers, taxation, student transportation, school closings, use of school equipment and immovable property, and students with learning or adjustment difficulties
  • Representation before the government and all other administrative bodies concerning the authorizations required to fulfill the rights and obligations contained in the institution's incorporating act
  • Representation before the courts
  • Professional development training on the functioning of school boards and lectures at the Barreau du Québec
  • Representation of the government or educational institutions with respect to guardianships/tutorships and before boards of inquiry and parliamentary/legislative committees