Labour Shortages and Foreign Workers

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Difficulties in recruiting skilled employees and the labour shortage in some sectors are currently a source of headaches for many businesses. In this context, one solution may be to consider hiring foreign workers. In a press release published in September 2007, the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec noted that migrant workers are an indispensable asset to the competitiveness of Quebec businesses. Unlike Canadian citizens and permanent residents, foreign persons are only authorized to work in Canada under certain conditions.

Hiring a foreign worker involves certain procedures, but is not an excessively complex process. The authorities recognize that there is a shortage of skilled labour in certain fields and have created mechanisms to facilitate and accelerate the arrival of foreign workers. It is now up to businesses to use these tools to meet their needs.

In the attached newsletter, Ms. Nadine Landry discusses the applicable terms and conditions for obtaining a Canadian work permit and an acceptance certificate from Quebec as well as certain practical considerations respecting the delays for processing the application.

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