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Welcome to Lavery, one of the country's most respected law firms. Would you like to join our dynamic team? If so, we invite you to check the list of available positions and submit an application.

The open-minded attitude at Lavery makes it possible for everyone to find personal fulfilment at work.
- Line Grandmaison, Montréal, paralegal

I have chosen to stay at Lavery because this prestigious law firm has always presented me with challenges I simply can’t resist. Lavery appreciates and makes the most of its human capital and, in my opinion, has everything it needs to thrive. If there’s one organization that will stand the test of time, it’s this one.
- Mireille Francoeur, Special Projects Manager, Executive Support

I am fortunate to work with a fantastic team where I can learn every day in a wonderful atmosphere. At Lavery, I have forged ties with many colleagues who have become good friends, and this contributes to both my personal and my professional development.
- Mélanie Althot, Montréal, paralegal

When I began working at Lavery, I was immediately delighted by the warm welcome of the team and the friendly work environment. I’m able to work with skilled, dynamic professionals, and I appreciate the diversity of the tasks entrusted to me.
- Dolaine Béland, Montréal, paralegal

Having been with the firm for more than twenty years and held various positions, I’m now proud to be coordinator of my department. I feel like I have a place within this company. They have given me the chance to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder while giving me the tools to achieve my goals. I hope that our friendly relations continue for many more years, since I sincerely hope to work here until I retire.
- Vincenzo Polisena, Montréal, coordinator, file opening

For me, Lavery is all about deep respect and attentiveness to needs. I feel supported in doing whatever I want to do with all available resources placed at my disposal. As a result, I’m more confident than I’ve ever been and strive to excel every day.
- Claire Tanguay, Quebec City, legal assistant

For me, Lavery offers a pleasant, stimulating work environment where people cooperate and support each other every day.
- Élise Marchal, Montréal, legal assistant

Lavery is not just a law firm but a group of mature, congenial, committed professionals. It always begins with a good boss, an excellent team, and unfailing support at every level. Quite simply, I’m proud to be part of Lavery.
- Fady Sabbah, Montréal, administrative assistant

After forty-one years with Lavery, I can still say that I love my job. And that says it all. My work environment and colleagues make all the difference.
- Connie Bellini, Montréal, legal assistant

Lavery feels like one big, happy family, where every member is unique, makes a valuable contribution, and is fully appreciated.
- Nancy Martin, Montréal, legal assistant

Working at Lavery means working with a great team that is committed to doing excellent work, where you can grow and develop as a person. It means being recognized for who you are and what you contribute to the team.
- Audrey St-Gelais, Montréal, legal assistant

Lavery is a wonderful family; I find here the space I need to move forward and develop both my soft and my hard skills.
- Joëlle Pierre, financial analyst

Lavery offers stimulating challenges and the opportunity to work with a highly skilled and dynamic team and fantastic clients
- Justin Trudel, Trois-Rivières, associate

Lavery has given me all the tools and freedom I need to build my career and my practice as I choose.
- Pier Olivier Fradette, Quebec City, associate

I need to constant rise to new challenges and strive to surpass myself, and at Lavery I experience that every day, so I love it here!
- Claude Girard, Quebec City, administrative assistant

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