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  1. Amélie Journet joins Lavery as Chief of Human Resources and Organizational Transformation

    Lavery is pleased to announce that Ms. Amélie Journet has been appointed to the newly created position of Chief of Human Resources and Organizational Transformation. Ms. Journet will be responsible for spearheading the development and implementation of the Talent strategy throughout the firm. As a member of management, she will also play a key role in transforming Lavery’s business model.  Ms. Journet has over fifteen years’ experience in change management and human resources in companies active in the entertainment, creativity, commerce and technology industries. She will report directly to Chief Executive Officer Anik Trudel and will sit on the firm’s management committee. Lavery is counting on the acquisition and mobilization of highly qualified creative talent in order to implement the actions needed to achieve its business vision, which is to be recognized for transforming legal services in Quebec. “Throughout my career, I have worked in industries in transformation and I witnessed the extent to which the link between business objectives and human behaviour is based on successful change management,” remarked Amélie Journet.” “Lavery has all the elements needed to position itself as an employer of choice and an actor in transforming the delivery of legal services in Quebec. Joining the firm gives me a unique opportunity to play a key role in implementing a daring vision underpinned by talent and the next generation as a privileged vector for transformation.” Lavery plans to adapt to the generational transition and feminization of the legal industry by overcoming the challenges related to retaining its professionals. Women make up 64% of firm members and 86% of salaried lawyers at Lavery are millenials, a generation with clear expectations and different needs when it comes to work.  The firm therefore wants to revise its vision of human resources by drawing on proven practices from industries outside the law in order to introduce an innovative approach within the legal community. “Ms. Journet will oversee the implementation of best practices for talent, mobilization and leadership for all employees, regardless of status, and will work closely with the different firm teams and committees to implement an approach to managing talent that is both engaging and transformative,” commented Anik Trudel. “Due to her extensive expertise in change management, Ms. Journet will be extremely instrumental in integrating our vision into our operations. Her arrival marks an increase in the steps taken by Lavery’s management to transform the legal industry by doing things differently.”

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