Marie Cossette participates in the “Femmes en finance, femmes en action” conference

Marie Cossette On September 13, 2016, Marie Cossette, a partner at the firm, was a panelist during the “l’Effet A…les suites” workshop along with four of her co-leaders of the first cohort of the “Défi 100 jours l’effet A” in Québec. During the workshop, she spoke about the recent survey sponsored by l’Effet A on women’s ambition and shared her thoughts on women in executive positions.

The workshop was held within the scope of the Cercle Finance du Québec’s “Femmes en finance, femmes en action...parce qu'oser, c'est gagner” conference. Four hundred people took part in the event, which was capped off with a closing speech by Quebec’s Deputy Premier Lise Thériault.

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