Lavery marks Guy Lemay’s 50 years at the Bar

Guy Lemay Lavery congratulates Guy Lemay on the 50th anniversary of his admission to the Bar, an accomplishment worthy of celebration!

His colleagues have paid tribute to him by explaining that: “He has always been a faithful incarnation of an exceptional colleague – a stellar jurist  as well as an essential reference. Among other attributes, it is repeatedly noted that his moral strength, his perseverance, as well as  his unparalleled competence and the quality of his judgment and his opinions are greatly valued. In addition, it was also mentioned that his availability to assist colleagues, his altruism, his humility, his sunny disposition and his optimism are well-appreciated by all. As a long-time partner at the firm, he is truly viewed as “a great man” and “one of the main builders of Lavery.”

Mr. Lemay is a veteran litigator and negotiator in the fields of class actions, employment and labour relations, civil and commercial litigation, as well as pensions and benefits. 

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