Lavery celebrates the fifth anniversary of its Intellectual Property group

We are pleased to mark the fifth anniversary of Lavery’s Intellectual Property group. Providing a broad array of services, the team has contributed to the firm’s leading position in this field of expertise.

Made up of lawyers as well as patent/trademark agents, the Intellectual Property team has boosted the firm’s success and growth by leveraging its cutting-edge expertise and working closely with clients from various sectors, including the auto, aerospace, artificial intelligence, energy, entertainment, video games, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, mechanical engineering, technology and transportation industries.

Major shift in Lavery’s relationship with companies in the knowledge, innovation and technology sectors

Lavery has gained distinction for being one of the firms filing the largest number of applications with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Based on recent statistics, Lavery ranks second among Quebec firms in terms of the number of trademark and patent applications submitted over the past year.

“Above all, we are celebrating five years of excellence and commitment via an enriching legal partnership that has evolved alongside the knowledge industries with a view to protecting our clients and promoting their bold approach.” – Isabelle Jomphe, Partner, Trademark Agent and Co-Leader of Lavery’s Intellectual Property group.

Over the past five years, the Intellectual Property team members have played a key role in many major cases, providing strategic advice and safeguarding the assets of national and international clients alike. Their proactive approach and technical expertise have set the firm apart as a legal partner of choice for companies seeking to successfully navigate the complicated intellectual property landscape.

“Over the past five years, our Intellectual Property team has become an essential part of Lavery, laying out an international vision and forming a local anchor point for our expertise.” – Serge Shahinian, Partner, Patent Agent and Co-Leader of Lavery’s Intellectual Property Group.

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