Daniel Bouchard of Lavery, speaker on Quebec’s housing stock management at the 2013 UDI/SMI Conference

On December 3, 2013, Mr. Daniel Bouchard, Managing Partner of Lavery’s Quebec City office, gave a presentation entitled “Ce que tout gestionnaire d’immeuble doit savoir aujourd’hui … en plus de tout le reste !” at a conference jointly organized by the Urban Development Institute of Québec and the S.M. Group International Inc. under the theme “La nouvelle législation quant à la sécurité et la vétusté des bâtiments”.

The presentation of Mr. Bouchard focused on the management of Quebec’s housing stock following the coming into force of new regulations pertaining to façades, multistorey garages, building safety and water cooling towers. Mr. Bouchard also made reference to Bill 49 that was introduced recently in the National Assembly and includes provisions that will impose additional obligations upon building owners with respect to housing stock management. Mr Bouchard discussed these various issues from a municipal standpoint, particularly by mentioning the growing role that municipalities will play over the coming years with regards to building safety.

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