Breakfast meeting on Canada’s new anti-spam legislation: Better safe than sorry

On June 17, Mr. Loïc Berdnikoff, partner in administrative law at Lavery, and Ms. Joanne Desjardins and Ms. Myriam Duguay of KPMG, were guest speakers at a breakfast meeting that attracted some sixty people to the Lavery Conference Center. The goal of this presentation was to help participants prepare for the coming into force of this legislation on July 1, 2014, and to ensure that sound business practices are adopted in the area of electronic communications.

In particular, the speakers focused on the companies and organizations targeted by the Act, its scope, and the penalties for offending companies. In addition, they offered tips on complying with the new law.

For more information concerning this new legislation, please refer to our “Need to know” report on this subject.

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