Marie Cossette - Panellist at two Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec breakfast conferences

Marie Cossette On January 27, 2015 in Quebec City and January 30, in Montreal, Ms. Marie Cossette, a partner at Lavery, whose litigation practice focuses on public, administrative and disciplinary law, and who is responsible for the cabinet’s integrity practice, will sit on the breakfast discussion panels of Les matins de l’Ordre of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. Ms. Cossette, and three other panellists, will engage in discussion about “The engineer’s responsibility: as a professional, how can an engineer take action in a regulated context?” (La responsabilité de l’ingénieur – En tant que professionnel, comment l’ingénieur peut-il agir dans un contexte réglementé?)

Moderated by Patrick Masbourian in Montreal and by Pierre Houle in Quebec City, the panel will help participants understand the difference between codes of conduct and ethics, be better prepared and have better knowledge of professional responsibility best practices, learn more about civil, penal, corporate and personal responsibility, and reflect on the values of their profession.

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