Breakfast meeting on the Small Claims Court

On January 27 and February 10, 2015, Ms. Claudia Bérubé and Marika Couture-Houle, lawyers in civil and commercial litigation, in collaboration with Mr. Claude Villeneuve, practicing partner in litigation at Lavery and president of the Bar Association of Saint-François, acted as speakers at our Sherbrooke office during a breakfast-seminar where they discussed the Small Claims Court, whose jurisdictional threshold rose from $7,000 to $15,000 on January 1st, 2015.

This conference, entitled “The Small Claims Court: for whom and how?”, helped the firm's clients to familiarize themselves with the procedure to follow as a plaintiff or defendant. It also gave them the tools and practical advice to be well prepared for an audition before the Small Claims Court. 

Claudia Bérubé Marika Couture-Houle
Claudia Bérubé and Marika Couture-Houle
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