Benjamin David Gross, discussion leader and speaker at ELFA’s Legal Forum 2015

Benjamin David Gross On May 3, 2015, Benjamin David Gross, a Business Law partner at Lavery, acted as discussion leader and speaker during a roundtable entitled “How U.S. Lawyers view Canada” which took place at the Legal Forum 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. Organized by the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), this forum gathered over 250 attorneys specialized in the field, each benefitting from interactive updates on legal issues impacting their practice or businesses, as well as providing them with networking opportunities.

Conferences were given on key issues in the leasing industry: motor vehicles; syndications; bundled solutions; agriculture; mining; construction; bankruptcy; fraud; energy; conflicts with leasing companies and manufacturers; and foreign laws, including Canada, Mexico and Europe, only to name a few. 

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