Bernard Roy and Marie-Hélène Riverin participate in a conference on foreign workers working in Quebec

Bernard Roy Marie-Hélène Riverin On June 11, 2015, in Quebec City, Mr. Bernard Roy, a partner specialized in taxation law, and Ms. Marie-Hélène Riverin, a lawyer who practises in labour and employment law as well as in insurance litigation, both of Lavery, participated in the Colloque sur les travailleurs étrangers en sol québécois (Conference on foreign workers working in Quebec) hosted by the Association de planification fiscale et financière (APFF).

Early in the afternoon, they delivered a talk entitled “Colloque sur la mobilité de la main-d’œuvre” (Seminar on labour mobility), which covered the applicable tax and labor law regulations, as well as the important clauses that need to be included work contracts under these circumstances. 

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