Our specialists in natural resources represent Xstrata

The Court of Québec, in a decision written by the Honourable Mr. Justice François Godbout, has just ordered the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune to re-register, in the Register of real and immovable mining rights, the 83 claims that the Ministère had decided to cancel due to noncompliance with a minor formality, that is, because the licence of the person who did the staking was inactive at the time of the staking.

Xstrata had argued before the Court that the revocation of the mining rights previously granted was disproportionate and unreasonable and only concerned a mere technicality.

Xstrata thus retains the exclusive right to search for mineral substances on the lands that are the subject of the claims.

Xstrata was represented by a team composed of Michel Blouin, Mathieu Quenneville and Sophie Prégent (Environment and Natural Resources).

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