Lavery participated in a project on CONTINUING EDUCATION IN BUSINESSES in collaboration with the Université de Montréal and Groupe Relais Expert-Conseil.

On April 6, 2010, in Montreal, Mr. Claude Bigras (to the left), Chief Executive Officer of Distinction Group and Mr. Paré, President, and Mr. Poulain, Director of Human Resources of Distinction Maintenance Services, were accompanied by Ms. Rachida Azdouz, Assistant Dean, and Louise Blanchette, Director of the Curriculum Development for Continuing Education at the Université de Montreal, Mr. Luc Chabot, President and CEO of Relais Expert-Conseil, and Mrs. Marie-Claude Perreault from Lavery (second row, to the left) as well as a few trainers from the university graduation ceremony.

An important client of our firm, DISTINCTION MAINTENANCE SERVICES INC. (industrial and commercial maintenance company, member of Distinction Group), invested in the training of its first-level managers in order to endow their Company with the undeniable advantages of team management skills, knowledge of labour relations laws and conflict resolution, as well as human relations techniques, methods and skills, required for a more efficient, healthy and lasting project and operations management.

DISTINCTION MAINTENANCE SERVICES INC. was rewarded for its efforts during an official ceremony on April 6th in Montreal when 72 of its employees became the first recipients a new official university certificate awarded by the Faculté de l’éducation permanente de l’Université de Montréal. These students were the first to complete the first of four modules of this new university training called: “Gérer et superviser efficacement” (managing and supervising efficiently). This new program has an integrated approach and is aimed at people who want to become first-level managers or managers who want to upgrade their skills in their field of practice.

The Université de Montréal, in partnership with RELAIS EXPERT-CONSEIL, has been working since 2008 on this new management training, which is adapted to the real and complex needs companies have today. This program is composed of the four following modules:

  • Developing better relational skills
  • Fulfilling the role of a first-level manager 
  • Managing operations efficiently
  • Supervising a team proactively

Partner and Coordinator of the Labour and Employment Group at Lavery, Marie-Claude Perreault collaborated in this pilot project as a trainer for the module on a first-level manager’s responsibility and role. The training comprised information on human resources management, the development of harmonious labour-management relations, the laws on labour standards, the respect of health and safety standards as well as the rules and regulations associated with the protection of personal information.

Lavery would like to join the Université de Montréal and Relais Expert-Conseil in congratulating the recipients as well as DISTINCTION MAINTENANCE SERVICES INC.’s Senior Management for paving the way to developing a healthy and lasting management for the years to come.

For more information, please read the press release (pdf) issued by the Université de Montréal or simply access the article “Gérer et superviser efficacement” (Managing and supervising efficiently) on the website.

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