Lavery Number 1 in Quebec

Montreal, July 5, 2010 – Élise Poisson, Managing Partner, is proud to announce that the Canadian Lawyer magazine ranked Lavery first among Quebec regional law firms in 2010. This recognition is the result of a survey that Canadian Lawyer conducted to determine the standing of Quebec’s major regional law firms. It was carried out in May of 2010 among lawyers, managing partners and corporate legal advisors of well-established businesses throughout Canada. Lavery placed first in this ranking and was acknowledged as the year’s leading regional law firm in Quebec. Canadian Lawyer conducted a similar survey to determine the ranking of the principal regional law firms in the western and central parts of the country as well as in the Atlantic Provinces.

 “We are very honoured by this recognition which speaks to Lavery’s importance in Quebec,” Ms. Élise Poisson stated. “The scope of our firm and the depth of its expertise, together with a thorough understanding of the issues and challenges faced by businesses operating in Quebec, allow Lavery to offer a complete range of top quality legal services to the business community through a careful balance of expertise, delivery of legal services and cost.”

Lavery is a privileged firm for businesses active in Quebec, corporate legal advisors and law firms located outside the province that need professional legal services in Quebec. In addition to its 170 lawyers, Lavery is a member of the World Services Group along with six other Canadian firms, all of which are leaders in their respective market. This allows Lavery to provide its clients with an effective platform for dealing with their legal business needs from coast to coast.

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