“Défi 100 jours L’Effet A”: Marie Cossette discusses how she achieved personal growth

Marie Cossette As the 5th group of participants is about to begin the “Défi 100 jours L’effet A” (the 100-day challenge, the “A Effect”), Marie Cossette talks about her experience.

Marie, who is a partner and heads the Business Integrity group, participated as a leader in the fourth edition of “l’Effet A”, which took place from September 9 to December 16, 2016.

The challenge she set for herself was to encourage meetings and dialogue between business and cultural communities, all in the while emphasizing the importance of communication for professional advancement.

She strongly believes that culture contributes significantly to economic development and is also a vector for enriching both our personal and our professional lives.

Much to the delight of the participants in the fourth edition of the challenge, Marie also set herself the goal of guiding them on how to improve the way they express their opinions by encouraging them to communicate authentically and confidently.

Marie Cossette spoke positively about her experience and confesses to having achieved personal growth through it.

“The workshops and discussions we had with the participants made us think about things we had pushed aside; we dive back into them, we look at the concepts and ideas anew. These events also give us an opportunity to ask ourselves questions we had never thought about before. It is very unsettling! Ultimately, it is an experience that forces you to get off the beaten track,” she said.

She will continue to be involved with the movement over the coming year.

“L’effet A” is an initiative whose aim is to inspire women to get involved professionally and give them the courage to get out of their comfort zones and take concrete action for themselves. This is accomplished by presenting inspirational leaders who provide a new perspective on women’s ambition by offering practical tools that are suited to the new realities of women’s lives.

For more information on “l’Effet A”, click here (in French only).

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