Nadine Landry and Nicolas Joubert author an article in the magazine Industrie & Commerce

Nadine Landry et Nicolas Joubert, lawyers at Lavery, wrote an article entitled “Devoirs et obligations des employeurs qui font appel à de la main-d’œuvre étrangère et modifications à venir” (The Rights and Obligations of Employers that Call on a Foreign Workforce and Future Amendments) published in the magazine Industrie & Commerce. In this article, Ms. Landry and Mr. Joubert discuss a growing importance of foreign workers in the labour market and the vulnerability of some of these workers who will be affected by the recent amendments to the Canadian government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which will come into force on April 1, 2011.

The full article (in French only) is available on page 22 of the latest edition by clicking here.

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