Lavery becomes the first Canadian member of the Lease Enforcement Attorney Network (LEAN)

Lavery, through it partner Benjamin David Gross, was invited to become, and has recently become, a member of LEAN, a comprehensive network of lawyers specialising in leasing law. LEAN and its clients can now count on the assistance of Lavery’s team in negotiating, drafting or registering their Quebec leases, as well as in enforcement matters related thereto. Founded in 1999, LEAN is a non profit association of carefully selected law firms distinguished by an excellent reputation in the industry and long and broad experience in leasing. In order to meet the growing need for effective enforcement counsel, the Lease Enforcement Attorney Network continues to add experienced, reputable law firms to its list of members. LEAN is present in 37 locations in the Unites States and Lavery is its first Canadian member. More about LEAN.

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