The Olympic farewell of an exceptional athlete

Although the results of the final of the 3-metre springboard event did not meet Alexandre Despatie’s expectations, Lavery wishes to say again how proud we are to have supported this remarkable athlete as a sponsor since 2009. Following Alexandre’s injury in Madrid, during pre-Olympic training, his chances to take part in the London Games appeared slim. However, this exceptional athlete showed once again his courage and determination.

The Olympic motto, "The important thing is not to win but to participate", reveals its true meaning for Alexandre under these circumstances. Considering that London was his last Olympic Games, it seems timely to reflect on what Alexandre has accomplished throughout a glorious career that spans almost 15 years: not only two Olympic medals and three world titles but also the combined titles of world champion in all three diving disciplines: 1-metre springboard, 3-metre springboard and 10-metre platform. It represents a record that could never be broken considering the growing specialization of diving. However, Alexandre’s biggest accomplishment is perhaps that he has been a source of inspiration for an entire generation of divers. These talented young women and young men are now and for the years to come Canada’s new breed of divers.

Bravo Alexandre!

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