Evelyne Verrier panelist at the 2017 Insurance and Investment Convention

Evelyne Verrier Evelyne Verrier, a partner and head of the Distribution of Financial Products and Services group, served as a panelist during the 2017 Insurance and Investment Convention organized by The Insurance & Investment Journal. The Convention was held on November 14 at the Palais des congrès in Montréal.

Entitled Robots-conseillers et conseillers: ennemis jurés ou partenaires?, the purpose of the panel was to discuss the evolving role of advisors in an age when FinTech and accelerated technological developments are becoming increasingly prevalent in the insurance industry.

Accompanied by Alex Veilleux, Co-Owner, Chief Innovation Officer and Product Strategist at VOOBAN and Michel Bergeron, a partner in EY, Ms. Verrier took the opportunity to share her view of the future for insurance advisors, the types of high value-added activities that advisors can use to distinguish themselves and the liability issues associated with various technological tools available to advisors.

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