Bernard Larocque and Odette Jobin-Laberge, Speakers at a training seminar for litigation lawyers at the Canadian Institute

On October 19th, Bernard Laroque, in collaboration with Odette Jobin-Laberge, both partners at Lavery, will be speakers at the Canadian Institute during a training seminar for litigation lawyers on the competitive advantage needed for litigation lawyers to distinguish themselves before the courts entitled: “L’avantage compétitif dont vos avocats de litige ont besoin pour se démarquer devant les Tribunaux, leurs clients et dans la gestion de leurs dossiers.”

Mr. Larocque’s and Ms. Jobin-Laberge’s presentation pertains to art of writing in litigation as well as writing techniques required to present efficient and persuasive summons before the courts. It will be held in French only at the Hôtel Omni Mont-Royal in Montreal at 9 a.m.

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