Marie Cossette on RDI Matin Week-End to comment on the Ménard Commission

Ms. Marie Cossette, Litigation partner at Lavery, appeared on the TV program RDI Matin Week-End on Sunday, June 9 to discuss the mandate of the Special Commission of Inquiry on the Spring 2012 Events, which began its activities under the chairmanship of former minister, Serge Ménard.

Appearing as a guest on the program because of her comprehensive knowledge of commissions of inquiry and crisis management expertise, Ms. Cossette said that the Ménard Commission has a far-reaching mandate that could be difficult to fulfill considering the many guidelines governing this mandate. Commenting on the absence of certain key actors from the work of the Commission, Ms. Cossette argued that participation should be fostered despite the problems already identified to enable the Commission to release a sound report.

To watch the video of the interview, click here.

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