Jules Brière, author of an article in Synergie magazine

Mr. Jules Brière, Ad. E., a Lavery partner, is the author of an article entitled “Modification du cadre législatif de la recherche” (Improvements to the legislative framework with regards to research) that was published in the August-September 2013 edition of Synergie, a publication of the Association québécoise d’établissements de santé et de services sociaux (AQESSS).

Mr. Brière’s article is focused on An Act to amend the Civil Code and other legislative provisions with respect to research, which was assented to on June 14, 2013 and modified certain provisions with respect to research that are included in the Civil Code, and on An Act respecting health services and social services, particularly the complaint examination procedure set forth in article 34 of the Act.

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