Jean Martel of Lavery quoted in a recent article of Finance et Investissement

Mr. Jean Martel, Ad. E., a Business Law partner at Lavery, is quoted in a recent article published in Finance et Investissement, a valuable source of information for mutual fund sales representatives, securities advisors, financial security advisors and financial planners.

In this article entitled “Le FMI s’en mêle”, Mr. Martel comments the latest report on the Canadian financial sector released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which embraces the idea of a “cooperative securities regulator in Canada”. Following this report, Mr. Martel discusses a few important issues, such as the Supreme Court of Canada decision with respect to Canadian securities regulation, securities harmonization between the country’s provinces and the need for co-operation in this area which does not require the creation of a single securities regulator.

To read this article (in French), click here.

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