Marie Cossette of Lavery appointed counsel to the commissioner in the public inquiry to examine Isle-Verte tragedy

Ms. Marie Cossette, Ad. E, litigation partner at Lavery, has recently been appointed counsel to the commissioner tasked with leading the inquest to examine the causes and circumstances of the fire that claimed 32 lives on the night of January 23rd, 2014. The public inquiry was requested by Vice-Prime-Minister and Public Security Minister Lise Thériault as well as by the minister responsible for the region, Mr. Jean D’Amour, in hopes that it will not only cast light on the circumstances of the tragic events but also lead to the implementation of measures promoting elderly safety.

Ms. Cossette has developed a strong expertise relating to commissions of inquiry, having acted as senior counsel to the Gomery Commission, assistant chief counsel to the Johnson Commission, and counsel to the Quebec provincial police officers during the Poitras Commission. She currently represents a major public contracting authority before the Charbonneau Commission.

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