The Right to Privacy and the Protection of Personal Information in a Claims Process

October 26 and 27, 2011, at the Lavery Conference Centre

Today, insurers must deal with increasingly stringent rules in terms of privacy and the protection of personal information. What are these rules, and how can insurers avoid them from becoming major stumbling blocks when processing a claim? Over 80 people attended lectures on this topic by
Marie-Andrée Gagnon (liability, damage insurance, and personal insurance) and Loïc Berdnikoff (administrative law, personal information, and privacy) at the Lavery Conference Centre, last October 26 and 27. During the event, participants were particularly encouraged to get acquainted with the various legislative schemes that apply to insurers and to third parties they are liable to interact with, and they received much practical advice about accessing the required records and information when processing a claim.

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