Myriam Lavallée appointed to the Board of Directors of the TRCCI

Myriam Lavallée Myriam Lavallée, Labour and Employment Law associate at Trois-Rivières, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Trois-Rivières Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TRCCI). Ms. Lavallée’s three year term started on June 10, 2015, following the general annual meeting. Ms. Lavallée previously sat on the Tasting of World Wines Committee and the Corporate Monitoring Strategy Committee.

Founded in 1881, the TRCCI gathers today more than 900 members from over 600 businesses, whose activities range in all economic areas. This constitutes the biggest independent pool of decision-makers and business leaders in Mauricie, and its mission is to create, develop and maintain an active and dynamic business network which takes part in the socio-economic development of its field. 

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