Lavery and the Lavery GO inc. Program support J’entreprends Québec through Mouvement RAIZE

Lavery joins Mouvement RAIZE – through its Lavery GO inc. Program – to support the J’entreprends Québec initiative. Mouvement RAIZE is a pioneering business involved in socially committed consumption whose slogan is “On récolte ce que l'on donne” (“you get what you give”). RAIZE selects products and services for which it gives back a part of the profits as donations, thereby meeting the growing financing needs of registered not-for-profit organizations and offering encouragement and support to socially responsible businesses. RAIZE has a web platform that allows user to offer promotions and makes it possible for users and clients to donate a percentage of the revenue from their promotions to a not-for-profit organization.

For its part, Lavery has chosen to support the J’entreprends Québec initiative, a not-for-profit organization that aims at bringing entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs through innovative thematic evenings, an entrepreneurial local exchange system to encourage the exchange of services between entrepreneurs and various events targeted to more specific niche markets.

For more information about J’entreprends Québec, click here.

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