Marie Cossette, partner at Lavery, to lead the Défi 100 jours / L’effet A in Quebec City

Lavery is pleased to announce that Marie Cossette, head of the Corporate and Business Integrity group and partner in its Quebec City office, will lead the Défi 100 jours/ L’effet A.

Marie has many years’ experience handling major cases in various areas of litigation. She is regularly called upon to work on cases dealing with different aspects of government relations.

In taking part of this challenge, Marie will be encouraging discussions and promoting arts-business relationships. She also aims to provide participants with the tools they need to communicate effectively in their work environment.

“I salute the determination of these visionaries, who so generously give of their time and talent to support the ambitions of women and ensure that more of them rise to positions of influence,” declared Don McCarty, Managing Partner at Lavery.

We invite you to follow the progress of the ‘L’effet A’ challenge, starting September 9 on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, as well as on ‘L’effet A’ website at

Marie Cossette
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