Lavery 2nd in the top 30 law firms in Quebec according to Les Affaires

In a special feature of Les Affaires titled ‘Grands du droit 2016’, Lavery was ranked 2nd in the Top 30 law firms in Quebec. Étienne Brassard, business law partner, also discusses Lavery GO inc. Program as part of the nomination:

"Lavery (2nd) for his part created a program for start-ups called Lavery GO inc. Program, which operates on selection. "We select promising projects and we help them becoming successful business ," said Étienne Brassard, head lawyer of the program." [Translation – article available in French only]

In 2015, Lavery was ranked 3rd on the charts. Thus, this is a significant rise for the firm in the 2016 rankings you can view here.

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