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  • How to be a Good Franchisor in the COVID-19 Era?

    In recent weeks, and especially in recent days, we have seen the serious repercussions of the spread of COVID-19 on Quebec businesses and SMEs. Government authorities are planning financial assistance measures for businesses, and some chambers of commerce have already announced that new services (…)

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  • 5 keys to successfully sell your franchise system

    Though it doesn’t happen often, some franchisors start a franchise system with the goal of selling it in the short or medium term. However, the quality of the infrastructure required to build a viable franchise system and the amount of resources (financial or other) that need to be invested over (…)

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  • The 5 key factors to consider before becoming a franchisor

    Our team is frequently consulted by entrepreneurs asking the following question: we want to franchise our business concept, so where do we start? One of the most common scenarios involves a very enthusiastic customer approaching the owner of a new business concept with some local success (such as a (…)

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  • How to expand your franchise network in Quebec?

    In the latest edition of the Franchise Voice magazine published by the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA), discover the article "Franchising in Quebec", illustrating some of the particularities that distinguish Quebec from other Canadian provinces in the Franchise industry. Whether you are a (…)

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