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  • Changes to the Mining Act (Québec)

    On December 10, 2013, Bill 70, An Act to amend the Mining Act, was passed by the National Assembly of Québec. Except for select provisions, the new Act took effect immediately. Amendments to the Mining Act have been in the making for some time and Bill 70 was the last iteration of what has been a (…)

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  • Forum on Mining Royalties – Consultation document

    Here is an overview prepared by Lavery of the highlights of the consultation document (in French) released last Thursday by the Quebec government in connection with the forum on mining royalties to be held on March 15, 2013. OVERVIEW OF THE CONSULTATION DOCUMENT ENTITLED:“LE RÉGIME D’IMPÔT MINIER (…)

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  • Bill C - 300 Accountability or Stigmatization ?

    Obviously, as regards the mining industry, Québec will not be the only jurisdiction in which action is expected after the summer break. While the parliamentary commission continues reviewing Bill 79 amending the Mining Act (Québec) , Ottawa is not outdone as the House of Commons must proceed with (…)

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  • Securities Brief - Forward-Looking Information

    Avoid the use of “boilerplate” disclosure Identify the nature of any material forward-looking information as well as material factors and in the disclosure documents Avoid statements pursuant to which a reporting issuer assumes no obligation to update its statements!

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