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  • Artificial intelligence: is your data well protected across borders?

    Cross-border deals are always challenging, but when related to AI technologies, such deas additionally involve substantial variations in terms of the rights granted in each jurisdiction. Looking at cross-border deals about Artificial Intelligence technologies therefore requires a careful analysis of (…)

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  • Dr. Robot at your service: artificial intelligence in healthcare

    Artificial intelligence technologies are extremely promising in healthcare.1 By examining, cross-referencing and comparing a phenomenal amount of data,2 AI lets researchers work more quickly at a lower cost3 and facilitates doctors’ decision-making with regard to diagnosis, treatment and choice of (…)

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  • Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence

    Although artificial intelligence has been evolving constantly in the past few years, the law sometimes has difficulty keeping pace with such developments. Intellectual property issues are especially important: businesses investing in these technologies must be sure that they can take full advantage (…)

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  • When artificial intelligence is discriminatory

    Artificial intelligence has undergone significant developments in the last few years, particularly in respect of what is now known as deep learning.1 This method is the extension of the neural networks which have been used for a few years for machine learning. Deep learning, as any other form of (…)

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  • Intellectual property due diligence in an investment context

    A due diligence analysis of intellectual property rights is an important step when acquiring or making a significant investment in a business. It is particularly important in the case of a technology business, where IP rights are assets that account for almost all the value in a business. A due (…)

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