Errare Humanum est : To Err is human, but the Court cannot always fix it

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This publication was authored by Luc Thibaudeau, former partner of Lavery and now judge in the Civil Division of the Court of Québec, District of Longueuil.

Lavery follows the evolution of consumer law closely. Its specialized expertise in the fields of retailing and class actions has been confirmed many times by stakeholders in the milieu. Lavery makes it its duty to keep the business community informed about these matters by regularly publishing bulletins that deal with judicial and legislative developments that are likely to leave their mark and influence or even transform practices in the milieu. This newsletter deals with a recent decision from the Court of Quebec having to do with consumer loans.[1] Justice Marie Pratte, basing herself on the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”), rejected an application to correct an interest rate that had been erroneously indicated in a money loan contract.

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