The Anastasia Act: Implications for School and Health Networks

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The Act to protect persons with regard to activities involving firearms and amending the Act respecting safety in sports was assented to on December 13, 2007 and came into force on September 1, 2008. This Act was passed in the wake of the tragic events that occured at Dawson College in September 2006, when a young 18-year old woman named Anastasia De Sousa lost her life in a shooting incident, hence its name the 'Anastasia Act'.

The Act contains several provisions that directly affect educational institutions and, to a lesser extent, health establishments.

The main purpose of the Act is to protect persons who frequent certain places or use certain means of transportation against threats to their safety by reason of firearms. Similarly, the Act requires or authorizes certain persons to report to the police a person who behaves in a way that compromises his or her own or another person's safety through the use of a firearm.

However, the Act states that its provisions and regulations also apply, with the necessary adjustments, to premises where home childcare is provided, whether or not the childcare provider is a recognized home childcare provider under the Educational Childcare Act.

We invite you to read the following bulletin which explains the main responsibilities of the individuals affected by this Act; people working in a health establishment or educational institution or in relation to these in order to reinforce protection against the threat of individuals in possession of firearms.

Should you require additional information, do not hesitate to communicate with the author of this bulletin or another member of the Lavery, de Billy's Labour and Employment group. You can find their coordinates at the last page of this bulletin.

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