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Pier-Olivier Fradette focuses his practice on municipal law, municipal contract management and land use planning. He represents municipalities as well as other parties in their dealings with them. He is retained by municipalities to act as counsel for management and urban planning departments. He helps his clients ensure that the decisions made and actions taken on a daily basis comply with applicable laws. 

He also provides the necessary support in the planning of projects with short- and long-term legal implications by helping municipalities navigate the legal pitfalls that may arise during such projects.

As Mr. Fradette is particularly interested in calls for tenders and the Autorité des marchés publics, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge on municipal contracts and represents both municipal bodies and companies in such matters. He co-authored the 4th edition of the book Les Contrats municipaux par demandes de soumissions with André Langlois. It will be published during the fall of 2018 by Editions Yvon Blais.

He is a municipal ethics and professional conduct advisor and is on the Commission municipale du Québec's list of professionals. As such, he can advise elected representatives on the actions, and, especially, the precautions to be taken to comply with the law, the code of professional conduct and probity requirements in all situations.

He frequently provides training and gives talks for different organizations in the municipal sphere as part of continuing education programs, among others, and publishes articles on these subjects in municipal affairs publications.

Recent Publications


Recent courses and seminars given

  • ADMQ, November 2018: “Les contrats municipaux dans la foulée de l’adoption des projets de lois 122, 155 et 108”
  • ADMQ, May 2018, Webinar: “Les contributions pour fins de parcs, terrains de jeux et espaces verts”
  • FQM, 2018 Convention: “Les conditions qui limitent la concurrence dans les appels d’offres municipaux”
  • ADMQ Beauce-Côte-Sud Zone Symposium, September 2018: “La nouvelle façon de rédiger un appel d’offres municipal depuis l’adoption du projet de loi 155”
  • COMBEQ, 2018: “Milieux humides et hydriques et certificat d’autorisation : quel rôle pour les municipalités?”
  • COMBEQ, 2016- 2018: “Émission des permis et certificats : inventaire des règles à respecter”
  • Éditions Yvon Blais, continuing education service, March 2018: “l’Autorité des marchés publics,” in collaboration with Chloé Fauchon
  • FQM, 2017 Convention: “Municipalities’ contractual liberty” and “Travaux en régie interne”
  • ADMQ, 2017 Convention: “Ateliers sur les travaux en régie interne et sur les pouvoirs d’une municipalité en situations d’urgence”
  • ADMQ Beauce-Côte-Sud Zone Symposium, September 2017, Workshop: “La liberté contractuelle des municipalités dans la rédaction des contrats”
  • Lavery Construction Law Symposium, June 2017: Talk on due diligence regarding municipal standards in real estate transactions
  • April 2017: Workshop on municipal land use delivered to our clients
  • Barreau du Québec, Municipal Law Symposium, March 2017: “La nouvelle loi sur l'amélioration du statut juridique de l'animal


  • Member of the Barreau du Québec since 2010
  • LL.B., Université Laval, 2006
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