IT and Telecoms


Our expertise in IT and telecommunications includes, among others:

  • data communication: LAN, MAN, WAN; routers, bridges, gateways, repeaters, modems; ATM, frame relays, IP, X.25 and other standards,
  • image and video transfer: television, camera, satellite,
  • voice and data integration: voice-over IP, frame relay or ATM; broadband ISDN, and
  • voice communication: high frequency networks, coding and voice recognition, PSTN, AIN, cellular telephony (AMPS, GSM, CDMA, SS7), microwave connections, optics (SONET).

In particular, we have developed greater expertise in:

  • cable,
  • client-server architecture,
  • Ethernet cables and connectors,
  • fiber optic cables,
  • instant messaging,
  • mesh networks, and
  • twisted pair.