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  1. Lavery’s Montréal 2017 Major Symposium on Labour and Employment Law an unqualified success

    Lavery’s 2017 Major Symposium on Labour and Employment Law held in Montréal was an unqualified success. About 500 people attended the event held June 7 at the Centre Mont-Royal to learn about recent developments in this area. The symposium was hosted by Nicolas Joubert and Guy Lavoie, partners of the Labour and Employment Law group. Participants also attended a number of workshops facilitated by Dave Bouchard, Élodie Brunet, Nicolas Courcy, Marie-Hélène Jolicoeur, Carl Lessard, Josiane L’Heureux, Zeïneb Mellouli and Véronique Morin. The speakers addressed a variety of subjects, including best practices when hiring and terminating employment, managing employees with difficult behaviour or in psychological distress, telework and renegotiating a collective agreement.

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  2. Véronique Morin discusses the various considerations that arise during a psychological harassment investigation

    Véronique Morin, a lawyer with the Labour and Employment Law Group and a certified mediator,authored an article appearing in the January 24, 2017 issue of Le coin de l’expert, published by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA). The article entitled Comment préparer la voie à une enquête en matière de harcèlement psychologique highlights the steps that should be taken to ensure that a complaint is thoroughly and properly handled. More particularly it examines who to assign to investigate and what measures should be imposed on the parties concerned and whether or not psychological harassment is proven. Click here to read the article.

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  3. 2016 edition of Lavery’s Major Symposium in Labour and Employment Law - A critical look at some of the challenges facing the business community

    Lavery held the 2016 edition of its Major Symposium in Labour and Employment Law and it was a great success. About 300 people made their way to Centre Mont-Royal on June 8, 2016, to participate in the event. The plenary session was hosted by Nicolas Joubert and Guy Lavoie, partners in the Lavery’s Labour and Employment Law group. On this occasion, attendees got to participate in various workshops presented by Dave Bouchard, Jean Boulet, Élodie Brunet, Brittany Carson, Norman A. Dionne, Josée Dumoulin, Carl Lessard, Josiane L’Heureux, Zeïneb Mellouli, Véronique Morin and François Parent. Speakers addressed many different subjects, such as best practices in recruiting, in employment termination and in disability management; in psychological harassment, in pension plans and lessons we can learn about labour and employment law after forty years of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.      

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  4. Véronique Morin of Lavery presents a work relations management webinar to Ordre des CRHA members

    On December 8, 2015, Véronique Morin, a lawyer whose practice focuses on labour and health law, presented a webinar to Ordre desconseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA) members. The webinar asked, “What is the true usefulness of last-chance agreements, and how can their effectiveness be increased?” (« Quelle est la véritable utilité des ententes de dernière chance et comment accroître leur efficacité? »), and answered by identifying the applicable accommodation measures, by offering suggestions as to how such clauses should be drafted and by summarizing the lessons that can be derived from recent jurisprudence, as well as providing a summary of the incumbent obligations. For more information about this webinar, please click here (link to French event description). 

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  5. Véronique Morin leads a webinar on last chance agreements

    On April 9, 2015, Ms. Véronique Morin, CIRC, a Labour and Employment Law associate at Lavery, led a webinar focused on the usefulness of last chance agreements and ways to increase their efficiency. During this webinar, which was held as part of the professional development activities organized by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA), Ms. Morin discussed various issues of interest, such as the concept of accommodation short of undue hardship, the content of a last chance agreements and the administrative and disciplinary sanctions related to those very agreements. For more information about the webinar (in French), click here.

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