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  1. The 2016 edition of Lavery’s Symposium in Labour and Employment Law in Quebec City was a great success

    Lavery’s Québec office held the 2016 edition of its Symposium in Labour and Employment Law on September 28, 2016, at hotel Quartier, and it was a great success. On this occasion, attendees got to participate in various workshops presented by Marie-Hélène Riverin, Brittany Carson and Charlotte Fortin. Speakers addressed many different subjects, such as best practices in recruiting, employment termination and disability management.

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  2. Five Lavery lawyers at the Salon Carrière Formation de Québec 2015

    On October 23 and 24, 2015, five lawyers from Lavery’s Quebec office participated in the Salon Carrière Formation de Québec in order to promote the Lavery GO inc. Program. During the show, Karine Pelletier, a member of the Business Law Group, Anthonie Vézina-Crawford, a member of the Family Law, Personal Law and Estate Law Group, Chloé Fauchon, a member of the Administrative Law Group, Sylvain Pierrard, a member of the Business Law Group and Marie-Hélène Riverin, a lawyer who practices both in Labour and Employment Law and Insurance Litigation took turns at the firm’s booth. Photo: Karine Pelletier and Chloé Fauchon

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  3. Lavery holds a symposium in Labour and Employment Law in Quebec City

    Lavery’s Quebec City office organized a symposium in Labour and Employment Law on September 30, 2015. Gathered at Hôtel Quartier, about 30 attendees got to participate in various workshops presented by Marie-Hélène Riverin, Charlotte Fortin, Jean-François Pagé and Nicolas Joubert. Speakers addressed many different subjects, starting with a retrospective of decisions of interest in that field, as well as presentations regarding a variety of problems that can arise in the workplace.

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  4. Bernard Roy and Marie-Hélène Riverin participate in a conference on foreign workers working in Quebec

    On June 11, 2015, in Quebec City, Mr. Bernard Roy, a partner specialized in taxation law, and Ms. Marie-Hélène Riverin, a lawyer who practises in labour and employment law as well as in insurance litigation, both of Lavery, participated in the Colloque sur les travailleurs étrangers en sol québécois (Conference on foreign workers working in Quebec) hosted by the Association de planification fiscale et financière (APFF). Early in the afternoon, they delivered a talk entitled “Colloque sur la mobilité de la main-d’œuvre” (Seminar on labour mobility), which covered the applicable tax and labor law regulations, as well as the important clauses that need to be included work contracts under these circumstances. 

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  5. Four Lavery lawyers participate in CCIQ’s Foire des entrepreneurs

    On April 30, 2015, Valérie Belle-Isle, Catherine Gendron, Karine Pelletier and Marie-Hélène Riverin participated in the event Foire des entrepreneurs, organized by the Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de Québec (CCIQ). Over 130 exhibitors were present at this event, which gathered the expertise of organizations and professional firms under the same roof, offering specific services in business development, no matter the stage the businesses are in: start-up, growth or succession. Crash conferences unfolded throughout the day. Ms. Belle-Isle, Ms. Gendron, Ms. Pelletier and Ms. Riverin took part in them by presenting a conference entitled “Le jour où tout a déboulé” (The Day everything snowballed). Through a story line about the Sansoucie brothers, fictional characters, the four lawyers discussed the legal issues of their respective fields to make the public aware that prevention is better than cure. Numerous visitors of Lavery’s stand were thrilled by the special service proposal offered by these four professionals during the Foire des entrepreneurs ! Valérie Belle-Isle Catherine Gendron Karine Pelletier Marie-Hélène Riverin Karine Pelletier, Catherine Gendron, Marie-Hélène Riverin and Valérie Belle-Isle

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