Pier-Olivier Fradette of Lavery gives COMBEQ training sessions in partnership with the MMQ

Pier-Olivier Fradette For a third year running, Pier-Olivier Fradette, a lawyer whose practice focuses on municipal law, land use planning, and municipal contract management,, will be giving a COMBEQ (Corporation des officiers municipaux en bâtiment et en environnement du Québec)  and MMQ (Mutuelle des Municipalités du Québec) training session in several Quebec cities.

The session, which is entitled “Permit, certificate or attestation issuance: an inventory of rules to be followed” (“Émission des permis, certificats ou attestations : inventaire des règles à respecter”) will allow participants to broaden their knowledge regarding the latest changes in legislative and jurisprudential orientation in this field. This training is accredited to contribute to obtain the title of municipal officer in building and environment.

For more information or to register for the session, please click here (link to French-only registration page).

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