André Vautour and Guillaume Lavoie publish two articles on the marketing rules for Canadian investment funds in Europe in the International Journal for Financial Services

André Vautour Guillaume Lavoie André Vautour and Guillaume Lavoie, two partners from Lavery, co-authored  two articles published in the November 2016 issue of the International Journal for Financial Services in collaboration with lawyers from the French firm Jeantet Associés (a fellow member of the World Services Group). The articles were respectively titled “Impact of the Possible Extension of the European Passport Regime on Canadian Fund Managers” and “Options Available to Canadian Managers under the European AIF Marketing Rules”.

The articles discuss the impact of European Union Directive 2011/61/EU on Canadian investment fund managers who want to raise funds from investors in EU member states. The authors, more specifically, address the conditions of a possible extension of the European passport regime to Canada, the obligations of Canadian managers who would like to take advantage of any such regime, and the options currently available to Canadian managers under private placement regimes in EU member states.

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