Chloé Fauchon leads panel discussion for the CBA-Quebec

Chloé Fauchon On March 16, Chloé Fauchon led a panel discussion entitled “La cohérence décisionnelle - pourquoi ? par qui ? – débat sur les suites de l’arrêt Wilson de la Cour suprême du Canada” (consistency in decision-making: why? by whom? – discussion on the aftermath of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Wilson), organized by the Administrative Law Section of the Quebec Chapter of the Canadian Bar Association.

Using the recent divided opinion in Wilson as an example, this panel discussion sought primarily to define the respective roles of the courts and administrative tribunals when they are faced with conflicting decisions by an administrative tribunal on the same legal issue.

The panelists, Denis Lemieux, professor of administrative law in the Université Laval’s Faculty of Law, and Lucie Nadeau, vice-president for quality and consistency at the Tribunal administratif du travail, also attempted to identify concrete solutions that dispel the legal uncertainty caused by inconsistency in decision-making.

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