Lavery represents athlete and former Olympian in athletics Bruny Surin in a dispute

Sébastien Vézina Martin Pichette Frédéric Laflamme Sébastien Vézina, a partner of the Business Law group, together with Martin Pichette and Frédéric Laflamme, respectively a partner and a lawyer of the Litigation and Conflict Resolution group, are representing Bruny Surin in a dispute instituted against a sporting goods manufacturer.

Mr. Surin alleges that the business used his name on a brand of running shoes without his consent.

Thanks to Lavery, Bruny Surin won the first step in the proceeding as the Superior Court dismissed the defendant’s motion for dismissal on the ground that the Quebec courts lack jurisdiction to hear the dispute.

The defendants were also ordered to disclose information to Bruny Surin on the proceeds from the sale of the shoes in Canada.

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