Odette Jobin-Laberge and Jonathan Lacoste-Jobin co-authors of a textbook published in the Thema Collection

Ms. Odette Jobin-Laberge, Ad. E., and Mr. Jonathan Lacoste-Jobin, Litigation partner and associate at Lavery respectively, are among the co-authors of a textbook on damage insurance that was published in June 2013 in the Thema Collection. Thema includes integrated and thematic publications that are drawn from encyclopedia JurisClasseur Québec, published by LexisNexis. Ms. Odette Jobin-Laberge and Mr. Jonathan Lacoste-Jobin wrote Fascicle 3 with respect to property insurance. More specifically, the text covers topics such as insurable interest, scope of coverage, insurance carried as well as notice of loss and payment of indemnity.

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