Louis Payette and Jean Saint-Onge before the Commissions des institutions of the Québec National Assembly

Mr. Louis Payette, Ad. E. and Mr. Jean Saint-Onge, Ad. E., Business Law and Litigation partners at Lavery respectively, appeared on September 13, 2013 before the Commission des institutions with regard to the submission of a brief by the Barreau du Québec concerning Bill 28 that intends to reform the Code of Civil Procedure. Led by the President of the Quebec Bar, Ms. Johanne Brodeur, Ad. E., the team also included Mr. Robert-Jean Chénier, Ad. E., Mr. Jocelyn Verdon and Mr. Dominique Trahan.

Mr. Payette’s presentation was focused on judicial sales and the enforcement of mortgage debts whereas Mr. Saint-Onge discussed class actions, particularly the delicate issue of multijurisdictional class actions as well as the asymmetrical appeal rule at the authorization stage.

The Minister of Justice of Québec, Mr. Bertrand St-Arnaud, thanked the Barreau du Québec for its informative presentation and expressed his willingness to have the new Code of Civil Procedure adopted by the National Assembly before February 2014.

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