Lavery optimizes service offering in franchise and distribution law, welcoming Jean-Philippe Turgeon and Stéphanie Destrempes

Lavery is pleased to announce the optimization of its service offering in franchise and distribution law with the arrival of Mr. Jean-Philippe Turgeon and Ms. Stéphanie Destrempes, respectively partner and associate in this growing field of legal practice.

Lavery’s franchise and distribution section offers local and international franchisors, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers the legal services they need to build or strengthen their business model, expand their system in Canada and internationally, and enhance their brand and concept.

Mr. Turgeon is head of Lavery’s franchise and distribution section. He represents and advises Canadian, U.S., and European franchisors, retailers, and manufacturers in various industries on issues underlying development and support of the operational structure, supply chain, and system’s expansion.

Ms. Destrempes primarily represents Quebec franchisors and distributors in the food service industry dealing with issues related to the elaboration of business agreements and system’s support and restructuring.

“The addition of Jean-Philippe Turgeon and Stéphanie Destrempes to our team will allow our clients to benefit from recognized expertise in franchise and distribution law,” said Don McCarty, managing partner at Lavery.

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